Keep Chugging Along

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County seems to be on the right track for E911

By The Staff

Despite all the talk about enhanced 911 in Marion County, previous trips have been sidetracked repeatedly. This time, however, the effort may be picking up steam.

In March, the Marion County Fiscal Court and the Lebanon City Council agreed to share the costs of the mapping and addressing that must be completed before E911 can be put in place.

More recently, we've learned that Marion County - one of six counties in the state that is not Phase II E911 compliant - may receive assistance from the state for its efforts. Local officials are working on the final paperwork before the fieldwork begins, and the county is already looking at tying into the Central Kentucky 911 Network.

All of these things are good signs that, for now at least, everything is still on track.

But just like the Little Engine That Could, we still have some big hills to climb before we reach our destination. We hope local officials will maintain the kind of focus they have shown during the first half of 2011.

Marion County needs this service, and Marion Countians deserve to have it.

We continue to hear stories about incidents when emergency services respond to a call only to learn that the house in question is not clearly marked. Despite their best efforts, they sometimes have to make more than one pass down a road before they locate the person in need.

E911 helps emergency services, and perhaps more importantly, E911 helps people in need get help faster.

We hope we'll soon see Lincoln Trail ADD vehicles combing the county verifying addresses. We also hope we'll be able to report on the formation of a local 911 board. We want to continue reporting on the county's progress toward E911 throughout the year.

There's still multiple hills to climb, the biggest of which has to do with how to pay for the ongoing E911 expenses once it is in place. 

We know that particular hill has completely derailed previous E911 attempts. For that reason, we hope local officials are already starting to look into how they will attack that particular hill when they come to it.

 In the meantime, let's keep chugging along.