Kentucky Cooperage is named the Industry of the Year

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 Kentucky Cooperage - Independent Stave Company is a family-owned, dynamic, global company reaching customers in more than 20 countries and cooperages around the world. The Marion County Economic Development Office recently named it the 2010 Industry of the Year.

Founded by T.W. Boswell in 1912, Independent Stave Company initially focused on white oak staves and heading for cooperage. Nearly a century since the company's founding, Independent Stave Company still embraces the core values of family, innovation, community and hard work. Total commitment to quality and service has made it the leading cooperage company in the world.

Barrel making is a centuries-old craft steeped in tradition. Yet, it was the fine-tuning of the process that made it like an "art." Today, Independent Stave Company continues to perfect the craft of barrel making through innovation, technology and ingenuity. By utilizing nearly 100 percent of the log for staves, oak chips and mulch, the company operates one of the most sustainable, environmentally conscious cooperages in the world.