KSP reminds farmers of farm plate use

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With the renewal of Kentucky farm registration plates due March 31, the Kentucky State Police reminds the public about the proper use of farm plates.
There are two different types of farm registration plates. The first is the FFA FARM plate.  The second is the FARM LIMITED plate.
The FFA FARM plate has a registered gross weight of 38,000 pounds.  When calculating the gross weight, one must include the weight of the truck, trailer, occupants, and its load.  
The main restriction on the FFA FARM plate is that it cannot be used in for hire transportation.  The vehicle bearing the FFA FARM plate cannot be used to haul someone else’s product in exchange for compensation.
The FFA FARM plate can be used in a private business such as landscaping or lawn care.  In this capacity, the operator is still restricted from hauling for hire and can only transport their own products (mulch, lawn mowers, etc).
The second type of farm registration plate is the FARM LIMITED plate.  The weight limits assigned to this plate are 44,000, 55,000, 62,000, 73,280, and 80,000 lbs.  The thing to remember with this plate is that it is LIMITED to hauling commodities grown on the farm such as crops or commodities used in operating the farm such as machinery.  This plate cannot be used for any business other than farming and cannot be used to transport commodities for hire.
When applying for either farm plate, the farmer must sign the registration receipt.  The applicant’s signature upon the registration receipt shall be considered to be a certification that he/she is a farmer engaged solely in the production of crops, livestock, or dairy products and that during the current registration year the truck will be used only in transporting persons, food, provender, feed, and machinery used in operating his/her farm and products grown on his/her farm.
Farm registration plates are regulated under KRS 186.050 (4) (a-c).
Anyone with further questions, may contact the Kentucky State Police at (502) 452-8983.