Lady Knights lose to Spencer County

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By Jessica Veatch and Josh Veatch

After an emotional week for the Marion County High School girls’ soccer team, the situation hasn’t improved much. With two star players recovering from a serious car accident, the team struggled to rebuild.
Two more soccer players, sisters Claire and Abigail Hagan, lost their grandfather Bill Hagan unexpectedly last Tuesday. This only deepened the emotional distress that the team is under.  
With two games on last week’s schedule for last week, the team tried to go on as normally as possible.
The team traveled to Spencer County Aug. 31 and came away with a loss. The Hagan sisters attempted to play in the game, but were “emotionally distracted,” according to Head Coach Hart Hagan.
In the second half, the sisters did not feel as they could continue the game, and sat out the remainder of the contest.
“We were playing in near 100-degree heat with one or two subs, so it was a difficult game,” Coach Hagan said.
The Lady Knights were defeated 8-0.
The Lady Knights were scheduled to play Southwestern Pulaski Sept. 1, but that game was postponed due to the difficulties the team has experienced.
“We are trying to get the morale boosted and to right the ship so we can look back on this season as something to be proud of,” Coach Hagan said.  
The team held a soccer drive to attempt to fill out the roster with all of the missing players. Hagan said that 14 players came out to the tryout, and hopefully some of them will fill void spots on the roster.
The Lady Knights had a game yesterday at Lincoln County, but the results were not known as of press time.