Lebanon City Council candidate Denise Fogle

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By The Staff

Denise M. Fogle   Age: 55   Address: 345 Burton Lane, Lebanon, Ky 40033   Work Experience: I have been employed by Central Kentucky Community Action for 31 years. I am the Human Resources Director and the Drug and Alcohol Manager.    Family Information: I am married to Lee Fogle, and the mother of four children; Terrell Gerton, Myron Montgomery, Tara Montgomery, and Jasmine Fogle. I also have a wonderful granddaughter, Kaleigh.    Organizations, (Church, Civic groups, etc.): I am a lifelong member of St. Augustine Church. I am currently taking Spirituality Classes. I also work with the youth group at St. Augustine. I teach a wonderful group of fifth graders religion. I am also a Be-friender which is a ministry serving those who have lost a loved one. I am a Communion Minister. I also serve on the Arts and Humanities Council. One organization I would like to see in Marion County is Big Brothers and Big Sisters. I believe there are many children in our community who could benefit from it. A group of us are researching how we might bring the program to our community.

1. Why are you running for the City Council?   I enjoy listening to those who have concerns and working with others to help our community grow. I feel that I am open-minded and that I assist in bringing people together to solve problems and improve our city. I have enjoyed my work on the City Council for three years. I feel we have accomplished a great deal and I would like to continue to serve the community on the City Council.    2. What qualifications and experience have prepared you to serve on the City Council?   I believe my experience on City Council, my work at Community Action, and my involvement in our community have made me a more effective Council member. Serving on the Council for three years has given me better insight and understanding of the issues facing our city. My experience at Community Action has provided me with a background that is helpful when dealing with issues facing the City. I believe that my 31 years with Community Action show that I am a dedicated person who takes my responsibilities. I have been a volunteer in many church and civic activities and in doing so I have experienced firsthand the importance and satisfaction of working with others toward a common goal. Being a volunteer in our community has motivated me as a member of City Council.    3. The Lebanon City Council approved an ordinance aimed at cleaning up nuisance properties. Do you support this ordinance? Is there anything you would change either in the ordinance itself or in how it is being enforced? I strongly support the ordinance. The issues were properly researched and considered by fair and intelligent people who are familiar with the needs of the city.  I think the ordinance passed by the City Council is a good one. There are still property owners who are not abiding by the ordinance.  However, the information provided to the members of the City Council indicates that the ordinance is working.    4. Marion County and the City of Lebanon have been discussing E-911 for more than a decade, yet we still do not have this service. Do you favor E-911 for the county?  If yes, how should the service be funded and where should the funding come from?  If no, why not? I think our community needs E-911. I believe we should take advantage of funds that may be available to help pay for it. I think it's important that city and county governments make a serious effort to implement E-911. I would support funding the service in a way that is fair to city residents. We must ensure that city residents do not pay twice for E-911 services.      5. The city has added new baseball and soccer fields because of a park expansion. What other things should been done to improve the property the city acquired a few years ago?   I believe the City Council should consider ideas for the park expansion on an individual basis. We need to evaluate the pros and cons of the ideas presented to us. The City Council was approached about putting a campground at the park expansion but more information is needed before a decision can be made. The City might also consider putting a little league football field on the property.    6. The City has had issues with turnover in the police department for several years. What can the City Council do to help attract officers and convince more of them to stay longer in Lebanon for longer?   The City is concerned about the turnover in the police department and has given the issue serious attention. The City has made every effort to pay its officers a wage that is comparable to communities the same size as ours. The City Council might consider accelerating the pay of new officers prior to the end of their first year of service. That may help keep officers from leaving Lebanon.     7. What other issues do you think the city should address during the next two years?  The Mayor and City Council have acknowledged that our infrastructure needs work. We must continue to work to attract new businesses to the community, which will provide more revenue.    8.What else would you like the voters to know about you?  I am open-minded and willing to help. I enjoy working with people and am interested in hearing from members of our community about their ideas and concerns. I welcome your feedback and suggestions on community issues. I believe we can learn something new from each other every day and your input makes me a better member of the Council. Serving on the City Council has taught me a lot about our community. I believe my experience has allowed me to make positive contributions, and I would appreciate your vote and the opportunity to continue to serve on City Council.