Lebanon City Council candidate Jim Richardson

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By The Staff

James Richardson

Age: 68   Address:713 Westland Drive   Work Experience: 43 Years for the local Natural Gas Company Atmos Energy, Western Ky Gas   Family Information: Married to my wife Carlotta, Have 2 sons Eric, and Byron   Organizations (church, civic groups, etc.): Member of First Christian Church where I serve as an Elder, I have in the past been a member of Lebanon Kiwanis where I have served as President for a year, I served on the Lebanon Volunteer Fire Dept for almost 20 years   1. Why are you running for the city council?  I am currently retired and I have the time available To check on the many complaints that a council member receives. I feel that every person should be willing to help make their community a better place to live and raise their families.    2. What qualifications and experiences have prepared you to serve on the city council?  I have served on the Lebanon City council for the last six years. I have dealt with the public all of my adult life and I feel like I have been fair to everyone that I come into contact with. I have worked with budgets for the past 20 years. I am willing to work with most people on a daily basis, I am a good listener and willing to listen to complaints, and try to resolve them.   3. The Lebanon City Council approved an ordinance aimed at cleaning up nuisance properties. Do you support this ordinance? Is there anything you would change either in the ordinance itself or how it is being enforced? Yes I have approved this ordinance. In some cases the ordinance might have gone too far. Personally I feel like most people can make the outside of their property look neat and free from liter. A lot of the properties that are on the clean up list in foreclosure and is from Banks from out of town.   4. Marion County and the City of Lebanon have been discussing E-911 for more than a decade, yet we still do not have this service. Do you favor E-911 for the county? If yes, how should the service be funded, and where should the funding come from ? If no, why not? I do favor the E-911 service for the county, I feel that this should be funded equally by all residents of Marion County. I feel that this should be done somehow through Marion County Fiscal Court.   5. The city has added new baseball and soccer fields as a result of a park expansion. What other things should be done to improve the property the city acquired a few years ago? Sometime in the future we need to consider adding more playground equipment near the new baseball fields so the siblings of the ones playing baseball can play while Their parents watches the game and can keep an eye on them. 

6. The city has had issues with turnover in the police department for several years. What can the city council do to help attract officers  and convince more of them to stay in Lebanon for longer? The city is going to have to come up with more money to keep a police officer. Most of them have spent 4 years of their life going to college and several thousand Dollars to get them prepared and hopefully to be able to advance someday. City will have to have their salaries comparable with the other salaries in surrounding communities. This must be accomplished in order to hire and to be able to keep well qualified and well respected police officers.    7. What other issues do you think the city should address during the next two years? The city must address the city sidewalk needs and must look into upgrading more of The problem areas of the sewer system.   8. What else would you like voters know about you? I moved to Lebanon in 1967, I have had several opportunities to transfer to other  Communities, but I loved Lebanon and wanted to be a part of it.  I want the public to know that I am not a politician and I am just a ordinary citizen that wants to do what is best for the City of Lebanon to make it a better place to live and raise families. I want the public to know that on any major issue that arises I make an effort to go out into the public and find out from some of the people that I truly respect how they feel about the situation.