Lebanon City Council candidate Kenny Marrett

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By The Staff

Kenny Marrett

Age: 58   Address: 684 Northland Drive   Work Experience: Owner Ken Mar Tool [retired], co-owner Maewood Cabinet [closed], current owner of Mecck Holdings [real estate management company]   Family information: Married to Mary Lou Spalding [40 years], 3 children/8 grandchildren   Organizations: Past Master Lebanon Lodge 87/Main Street Committee/tourism commissioner/Ky Tech advisory board/Marion County Jobs Training Consortium   1. Why are you running for city council? The budget is city council's biggest responsibility. In these times we need experienced members to watch our tax dollars. Tourism is our biggest challenge. We need to change some of our current strategy by becoming more sensitive to our local volunteers needs. These volunteers pay the tax and contribute their time to promote our community and deserve tourism support. We also need to create attractions within the city limits of Lebanon instead of advertising attractions outside our city.   2. What qualifications and experiences have prepared you to serve on the city council? I have served 3 terms on the council and take an active role in volunteering for different committees and boards.   3. The Lebanon City Council approved an ordinance aimed at cleaning up nuisance properties. Do you support this ordinance? Is there anything you would change either in the ordinance itself or how it is being enforced? Yes I do support this ordinance. Today this ordinance focuses on eyesores in the community and thus makes it popular. This ordinance actually extends to the interior of the property and will be less popular and will have to be amended if ever enforced.   4. Marion County and the City of Lebanon have been discussing E-911 for more than a decade, yet we still do have this service. Do you favor E-911 for the county? If yes, how should the service be funded, and where should the funding come from? If no, why not? Yes. This should have never taken this long to enact.   5. The city has added new baseball and soccer fields as a result of a park expansion. What other things should be done to improve the property the city acquired a few years ago? I would like to see trees planted creating picnic areas. More nonsporting activities would be nice also.   6. The city has had issues with turnover in the police department for several years. What can the city council do to help attract officers and convince more of them to stay in Lebanon for longer? We need to increase our starting salary so we can compete for qualified candidates.   7. What other issues do you think the city should address during the next two years? Increase our retail trade and entice people to build new homes where old ones have been or need to be torn down. Assist Ky Tech when we can assist them in their efforts to improve the quality of their program.   8. What else would you like voters to know about you? I listen to the publics concerns and act on those concerns when needed.