Lebanon native still missing

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Larry Lee walked away from a personal-care home Aug. 4

By Stevie Lowery

UPDATE: According to The Cynthiana Democrat, there have been two reported sightings of Larry Lee in Cynthiana - at Family Dollar Store and First Stop Market. One of those was as recently as Sunday.


Lee, 32, walked away from a Pendleton County personal-care home Aug. 4.

Falmouth Police Chief Mark Posey has also been to Lexington where Lee was supposedly spotted at two different locations. Those have not been confirmed either.

According to Chief Posey, Larry apparently has a friend in Lexington. Posey tracked him down and he is living in a homeless shelter with no way to be contacted. The friend said he had not seen Lee.

"We don't really know what to think," Posey said.

Lee has been entered as a Golden Alert.

There have been ground and river searches in Pendleton County, but with no sightings it's difficult to pinpoint where the search needs to be concentrated, Posey said.

Lee, who has an acquired brain injury, is a ward of the state as part of a severe brain injury program, according to his sister, Melissa Lee Knight of Lebanon. Lee is schizophrenic, bipolar, and diabetic, and he walked away from Falmouth Care Home in Pendleton County with no medication, money, I.D., food or water, as far as his family knows, Knight said.

He was possibly seen in Lexington Sunday, Aug. 7, when a woman reported to Falmouth Police that she saw a man, matching Lee's description, outside of an Applebee's on Richmond Road near Lexington. But, her lead couldn't be confirmed, according to Knight.

Lee's family, friends and volunteers from Marion County searched for Lee Saturday in Falmouth, but turned up empty handed. Knight said they did receive a tip that her brother was seen in Cynthiana, and officials are attempting to verify that lead with video.

"We have traveled to the Falmouth area many times with family, friends, and rescue squad members combing the streets, woods, and riverbanks and turned up nothing," Knight said. "We are desperate... at this point we are at the mercy of fate... someone seeing a photo of Larry or hearing about his disappearance and calling. So we need the media and the general public more than ever."

Monday evening, a prayer service was held for Lee at St. Augustine Catholic Church in Lebanon at 7 p.m. Knight spoke to the congregation and thanked all of those who have helped her family.

"It's not often that you would see a state senator go and stand on the side of the road with a sign that says 'Can you help us find this missing person?'" Knight said. "That says a lot about this town and about this community. We feel blessed to have good friends and family to be with us during this time."

Knight asked the congregation to keep her family, but more importantly, her brother, in their thoughts and prayers.

"Pray for his safety more than anything," she said. "Share his picture with as many people as possible."

Lee is 5'4, 215 pounds with dark blonde hair and light blue eyes. He was last seen in the Falmouth area on Aug. 4.

If anyone has any information regarding this case, please call Falmouth Police at (859) 654-5555 or Knight at (270) 692-8230.

Falmouth Care Home being investigated

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, the state is investigating the Falmouth Care Home, but officials cannot release information until the investigation is complete. The home is officially known as Falmouth Nursing Home, but it is classified as a personal-care home. A personal-care home provides care for people who need some assistance but not full-time nursing care. Residents often are mentally disabled or mentally ill.