Lebanon reclaims President’s Cup

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 The all-time President’s Cup series is back to even, 8-8, with Lebanon’s victory in this year’s event.

Lebanon claimed the victory, 18-12, winning all three portions of the competition.

Here are the results:

Alternate Shot: Lebanon 4, Springfield 2 points 

Best ball:  Lebanon 7, Springfield 5

Singles: Lebanon 7, Springfield 5 

Total: Lebanon 18, Springfield 12

Best ball: Jason Osbourne/Aaron Spalding vs. (Lebanon) M. Elking/C. Spalding: 1-up; Bill Frost/Tony Medley vs. (Lebanon) L. Mattingly and M. Gribbins: 1-up; 

M. Yates/Kevin Taylor vs. T.J. Raikes and B. Spalding: 1-up; Scott Reinle/Barrett Tingle vs. R. Higdon and K. Wheeler: Springfield won 3 and 2; Tommy Smith/Chad Hardin vs. J. Reed and T. Brady (Lebanon): Lebanon won2-up; Ricky Hoppes/Ryan Spalding vs. V. Gideon and V.J. Welcher: Springfield wins 4 and 3.

Springfield-Scramble: Bill Frost/Chad Hardin vs. L. Mattingly and B. Spalding: Springfield wins 2-1; Mikey Yates/Kevin Taylor vs. M. Elking and C. Spalding: Each got a half; Jason Osbourne/Aaron Spalding vs. P. Brady and R. Higdon: Each got a half; Tommy Smith and Tony Medley vs. T.J. Raikes and M. Gribbins: Lebanon wins 2-1; Scott Reinle/Barrett Tingle vs. V. Gideon and B.J. Welcher: Springfield wins 2-1; Ricky Hoppes/Ryan Spalding vs. J. Reed and T. Brady: Lebanon wins 1-up; 

Sunday’s Alternate Shot at Lebanon Country Club: Scott Reinle and Jordan Reinle vs. J. Reed and M. Elking: Lebanon wins 4 and 3; Tommy Smith/Bill Frost vs. T.J. Raikes and T. Brady: Lebanon wins 1-up; Jason Osbourne/Aaron Spalding vs. P. Brady and M. Gribbins: Springfield wins 3 and 1; Chad Harding/Kevin Taylor vs. V. Gideon and Rick Higdon: Springfield wins 2-up; Mikey Yates/Tony Medley vs. B.J. Welcher and K. Wheeler: Lebanon wins 2 and 1; Ricky Hoppes/Barrett Tingle vs. L. Mattingly and B. Spalding: Lebanon wins 2-up.

Lebanon-Singles: J. Osbourne vs. K. Wheeler: Springfield wins 2 and 1; A. Spalding vs. M. Elking: Lebanon wins 2 and 1; M. Yates vs. T.J. Raikes: Lebanon wins 1-up; K. Taylor vs. L. Mattingly: Lebanon wins 1-up; T. Smith vs. V. Gideon: Springfield wins 4 and 3; T. Medley vs. B. Spalding: Springfield wins 2 and 1; S. Reinle vs. R. Higdon: Springfield wins 3 and 2; J. Reinle vs. J. Reed: J. Reed wins 3 and 1; C. Harding vs. M. Gribbins: Lebanon wins 2 and 1; B. Tingle vs. B.J. Welcher: Lebanon wins 1-up; R. Spalding vs. T. Brady: Springfield wins 2 and 1; Ricky Hoppes vs. P. Brady: Springfield wins 3 and 2.