Letter: Coach Daniel Johnson - Going the distance

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For 16 years I have sat on the sidelines cheering my daughters on as they compete in athletics. You could always find me with a camera in my hand trying to capture the events. The one thing I could not capture in my lens was the time, dedication, heart and soul that their coaches put into pushing them to be the best they could be. My daughters have been involved in sports since the age of two. Through the years I have met some amazing coaches who have a true interest and passion for the sport they coach. To those coaches, I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do to push our children to excel. On the other hand, I have also encountered some coaches who take on a sport to collect the added stipend to their salary, having little to do with the athletes or the job they were hired to do. That was definitely not the case with Coach Daniel Johnson. He is one coach who literally will go the distance for your child. If you go to a cross country or track meet you will see him running in front of the athletes to encourage them to strive for a faster pace, running side by side offering support or running behind them cheering them on for that last push across the finish line.

He is not a sit down coach. At the end of the race, his heart rate will be beating faster than those he coaches because he has run the whole way darting across the tracks, through the fields, whatever it takes to be there to cheer them on at different points in the race and he races to the finish line to celebrate their success. I have never seen a coach with as much passion for the sport that he loves or the athletes he is coaching. If your child has any aspirations of being a long distance runner, Coach Johnson is the one to train your child. He will be there every step of the way. Coach Johnson got us to state not once, but twice. It was his first year coaching cross country and track at MCHS and he did a phenomenal job. MCHS, let’s keep the coaches who put it all on the line and go the distance, Coach Johnson is one of a kind. Having anyone else coach long distance running would be an injustice to our future state hopefuls.

Mitzi Avritt