Letter: Domestic Terrorism

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The 9/11 terrorist attack on this country was diabolical and expensive. But far, far more costly than the 3,000 American lives and three buildings lost that day was the subsequent cost … 6,735 young American kids that died on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan (so far) and the trillion dollar-plus  that it cost to prosecute that war.   

But even those costs pale in comparison to the cost to the US economy that absolutely tanked in 2008 as a result of those events and our response to same. In retrospect, one might observe that bin Laden won … his actions on 9/11 caused a catastrophic reaction that nearly destroyed the United States by virtue of near total economic collapse.  The USA can be attacked in a multitude of ways.  Direct military attack by a foreign country is only one form of attack.  Domestic terrorist attacks, such as the Oklahoma City or Boston Marathon bombings, are another.  

A cyber attack on our utility network would be yet another.  And a conscious, intentional attack on our economic system is no less serious and perhaps even more catastrophic.  Virtually every business, banking and Wall Street CEO has voiced their alarm against the continued stalemate in Washington and virtually all have warned that a default on our debt would result in economic ruin.  

The actions of the Tea Party Congressional Representatives and Senators have now clearly crossed the line from 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech and legitimate political differences of opinion and have entered the realm of domestic terrorism by overtly threatening the economy of the United States of America and that of the free world.  The US Attorney General should begin investigation into their actions with the intention of indicting them for domestic terrorism.  Their actions extend far beyond irresponsibility … they are clearly reprehensible and represent a clear and present danger to all Americans.

Jon Michael