Letter: Doomsday 2012?

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A lot has been shown recently on television concerning the Mayan calendar's end in 2012 and those who believe that a great disaster will strike the earth in late December of this year. I really do not know anything concerning the Mayan calendar and have not been exposed to any information that would let me believe that the world will end anyway soon. However, based upon history and re-occurring earthquakes, I do believe this area could see a major disruption in the very near future.
A quick review of the 1812 New Madrid Earthquake data on the internet, tells me it may be about time for another severe earthquake of the 7.0 to 8.0 magnitude.    If this happens, Lebanon would experience severe shaking to the extent that brick might fall from buildings and windows might break. However, a few precautions taken now would help prevent injury and loss of life. Precautions that should be taken are simple and consist of:
1. Move out of and away from buildings over one and one-half stories tall;
2. If your building or home sways or shakes, move quickly to and under a protective cover such as a sturdy table. This will help to prevent falling objects from hitting you and your family.
3. Have food and emergency supplies on hand to last from one to two weeks.
On one-hand, I do not believe a major disaster will happen; but on the other-hand, I feel it a good idea to be informed and prepared. Hopefully, I will see all my friends in 2013.
Harold W. Cox