Letter: Hamilton loves his job and his community

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When LTCC commissioners should have been bragging on themselves and what the commission has accomplished over the last few years, they chose to be negative and bring personal feelings to the table. How could you not look at the bottom line and say, “How’d he do that?” Chris Hamilton did it because he loves his job and this community - the sole reason he chose to take the job in the first place. Without a restaurant tax, the LTCC will be lucky to afford a part-time person to promote Lebanon. Neither city hall, economic development nor the chamber has the manpower, finances, nor the expertise to properly do this job. City council should re-consider eliminating the restaurant tax and vote to keep it in place. It’s a choice to eat out, not a mandate.

Keep the Lebanon Tourist and Convention Commission in full force! I encourage others to show their support.

Kathy Browning