Letter: Heed the warnings

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You should watch the movie “V for Vendetta” and consider the content.

You should watch the dud, “The Next Three Days,” and memorize the important parts.

Remember that surrender of your freedom and rights invites brutality or death.

“The Islamic Al-Jazeera has Al Gore’s cable channel, Current TV, to have access to the U.S. media market. Gore has reportedly made $100 million from the $500 million deal.” – Accuracy in Media

The U.S. Constitution does not mention political parties because the founders knew you, the citizen, would come to care more about your party than the country.

That is why being an American is more important than a political party.

That is why red, white, and blue states are better than separate red states or blue states.

That is why you need “special sessions” to do legislative business. Too much political party “love.”

Gun control is part of the Marxist doctrine. It is used to mass murder defenseless citizens, especially the young, old and women.

General George Patton made comments about there is always another tyrant/dictator around the corner.

Don’t militarize your police. In a free America, the military and the police have separate constitutional roles.

The war on terror is designed to go on forever and control you.

K.L. Jones