Letter: Keep our roads safe

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Spring is here, grass is growing, and on a recent motorcycle ride around Marion and surrounding counties, I saw new young residents along the highways cutting their grass, the mowers throwing the clippings right onto the roads. This seems to be my annual letter! Grass is very slippery when wet, defeating the purpose of the highway surfaces which are designed for good traction. Simply, don't throw you grass cuttings on the road. It is very dangerous, especially to motorcycles and bicycles. Highway 49 is part of a cross-country national bicycle route, with several of our local roads also on the bicycle maps as beautiful side trips. I see many bicycles all summer, and I see more motorcycles on the roads every year. (It's a grand way to travel!)

Also, when pulling out onto a road, look both ways, look, and look again. People just don't see motorcycles and bicycles. Save a life. Look again before pulling out.

I want to remind folks also, if you or your kids are beginning motorcycle riders, take the three-day motorcycle safety course offered by the community colleges.  Sign up early as the classes are limited to 12 people and fill up early. These classes are fun and educational. They let the rider try all the different styles of motorcycles, put them through all the emergency maneuvers, and give the riders who pass the course a slip of paper giving them their license. Basically, all riders pass the course. The colleges also offer a six-hour, one-day class for experienced riders. The rider takes it on his/her own bike, and just basically refreshes the emergency maneuvers and hones skills. Blake and I take it every year. It's fun and beneficial. We go to Bowling Green WKU, because we enjoy the ride down, but Elizabethtown also offers these classes and is closer.  

I apprectiate you reading this and for implementing these safety tips.

Mary Ann Ohsol