Letter: Let our dogs run

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Our pets have run free in St. Francis for more than 100 years. Not once has a neighbor spoke or written a complaint against a dog crossing their yard. I am very grateful for the dogs in the neighborhood. If it wasn’t for the neighborhood pets we would be overcome with rats, possums, raccoons, rattle snakes, copper heads and coyotes. Most of which can carry rabies.

St. Francis has been taken hostage by one person whose become judge and jury for our beloved pets. Their punishment is to be shot or to be captured in a baited cage.

Dogs think and love just like we do. Shooting one of them is no different than shooting a child for taking a short cut across your yard to get home from a ball game. Our pets are our family. Harming them causes us to worry and grief that is unnecessary. Dogs cost money to buy and money to care for and vet treatment. They come at a great cost to these families. I ask with a bleeding heart, please help stop this injustice to our four-legged friends and their families. Help Saint Francis breathe a sigh of relief. Stop the killing of our pets.

Anna Tharp

St. Francis