Letter: Marrett is an asset to the community

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Stevie Lowery, you should be ashamed of yourself.  When you first became editor of the paper I was proud of you for accomplishing this at such a young age. This is the first time I have thought that maybe you were not experienced enough because I think the editorial in last weeks issue was the most childish article I have read. 

You say that Kenny (Marrett) was personally attacking Chris (Hamilton). Excuse me, but are you not doing the same to him?  

Kenny has been nothing but an asset to this community. I worked for him for 16 years and he donated more time and money to this community than anyone will know, not only from his former company (Ken- Mar Tool Inc.), but out of his own pocket.  

Just the time, effort and finances he put in the old Lebanon High building would have been enough for a lifetime. I have never met anyone with such enthusiasm and pride as he has for this community. 

So Stevie, you need to find someone else to vent your frustrations on.

Debbie Rakes