Letter: Please stop and help

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To the idiots who didn’t stop to see if I was hurt or dead after I hit a tree at WMES around 6:30 Saturday morning, were you in a hurry to get to work? If it was too cold for you, what about me? It was one degree, and the wind made it feel colder.

I blew the horn, but no one looked to see what was going on (unless one of them called for help). Were you too snuggled in your beds to help? In a daze, I got to the passenger side after moving the broken steering column and air bag out of my way. I put the window down, blew the horn and yelled. I got out when I realized no one was coming. I need both knees replaced and walk with a cane, but I crossed the road (with angels’ help). Lee Brahm was going to take me to the hospital when I saw my flashers were on. Lee took me to my car, and I realized I might have been hurt worse than I thought. EMTs and firemen were there. I told an EMT I had been in the car. They said I shouldn’t have gotten out because I could have neck and spinal injuries. They took me to the hospital. I have a broken ankle and several bruises all over.

God and my angels were the only ones who helped me when the accident happened.  Whoever ran me off the road, God needs to help you. You were on my side of the road, speeding with your bright lights on. Whatever your problem, I’m glad you didn’t come back. To the people who didn’t stop, I could have been knocked out, bleeding badly, or freezing to death. If you were in a similar situation, I’d want to stop, thank you for your help, and leave. But I was not brought like that. If I can help, I will, even if it’s dark and cold.

I thought Loretto people were good and kind, but I have changed my mind about some. I appreciate whoever called the ambulance, Lee and anyone who would have helped.

What’s the matter with people today? Is it you don’t want to get involved or just don’t care? The old saying, “Your day is coming when you might need someone’s help.” I hope someone may be there to help you.

Debbie Cissell Newton