Letter: Republican Party shooting itself in the foot

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Dear Senator Higdon (and other Kentucky Republican Senators):

Why are you supporting legislation that will put us all at greater risk of more gun violence, along with legislation to make it harder to hold nursing homes accountable for substandard care or patient abuse and, last but not least, making it more expensive to have a land-line phone? I am once again, shocked and horrified at what you consider to be good ideas for ordinary citizens of Kentucky.

Below is a list of three Kentucky Senate bills currently under consideration:

1. A blatantly unconstitutional “KY gun rights bill” that proposes to override any new (sensible) gun restrictions passed by U.S. Congress. (Perhaps we should tell the bill’s KY Senate author that the Civil War is over and we all live by the rule of law as outlined in the U.S. Constitution!) We need fewer guns, and hence less gun violence, not more; we need universal background checks; and easy to get, affordable mental health care. Nor do Kentucky citizens benefit by Kentucky Senators wasting precious time trying to pass laws that attempt to “override” the U.S. Constitution. Just as there are limits to 1st Amendment Rights (free speech), there are also limits to the 2nd Amendment rights (firearms).

2. Then there is the “gift to the nursing home industry” bill – that’s also crazy and unhelpful and harmful to patients. Please stop supporting big biz over ordinary people.

3. Finally, there is “land-line phone service” bill (Senate Bill 88). This bill will make it more expensive to have one. (See AARP.com for more details on how it would negatively affect seniors, and others.)

Instead of proposing the above-mentioned legislation, why not spend your time reforming Kentucky income and sales tax laws to make them more progressive and less regressive? That way we’d all be better off and have more money in our pockets, and have safer communities.

It’s no wonder the Republican Party is not exactly “winning hearts and minds.” Talk about shooting yourselves in the foot.

Elizabeth Wallen