Letter: Seeking answers from and about the post office

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In my experience with individual people, businesses and organizations, I have found that those who "have nothing to hide, hide nothing." This past week, I have attempted to get more facts and figures from the Postal Service regarding the situation that will affect our postal routes in St. Francis and Loretto.

On Thursday, Feb. 24, I was given the name of a contact person in Sen. Mitch McConnell's Louisville office. The contact person's name is Kelli. She said that I should be able to get further information from Tim Reynolds at the Delivery Unit Optimization Office (DUO). She further stated that if he refused to give the information to me that I should let her know.

I call Tim Reynolds at the DUO to ask for the information that was used to make the decision regarding the postal routes. He declined to provide the relevent information on their "cost savings" plan. He then proceeded to "pass the buck" when he referred me to a Ms. Hale at the Consumer Affairs Office of the Postal Service. When I called her and asked her for the information, she stated that the information was for their internal use only, and she could not give it to me.

After speaking with Ms. Hale, I composed a memo to Kelli in Sen. McConnell's office and faxed it to her.

I also spoke with Loretto Mayor Bobby Miles to inform him of what I have done so far. He suggested that petitions could be advantageous. I ran off copies of petitions for him and on Friday, he said he would deliver them to some of the businesses in Loretto. I would strongly urge any other citizens who feel strongly about this situation to sign a petition so their voices can be heard.

Kathleen R. Cook

 St. Francis