Letter: Stop the negative comments, for our kids' sake

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After seeing so much negative press around our School Superintendent Mr. Donald Smith, and our recently elected, re-elected, members of the school board I feel compelled to pen the following:

Some of us know either a little, or a lot, about the responsibilities of the school board and the position of the school superintendent. None of us know enough to be considered experts in either area. Let’s stop the negative comments being put forth on either or both. What a horrible example we are setting for the youth of our community. As a community we should be putting forth constructive, NOT destructive criticism. The Marion County School System is going through a difficult period. Let’s not add fuel to the fire. Our system is rated as having made significant strides in improvement. If our intent is to be helpful, let’s do so within the structure of the open door school board meetings. Not through negative press in the public news media. Let’s show our youth that we can agree or disagree, but do so in a manner that is respectful of one another. I am the same as a previous writer - I do not have children or grandchildren in the Marion County School System. However, I am a resident of the community who cares about our school system and the community at large. The children are indeed our future.  

J.F. “Jerry” Evans

Member, Board of Directors

Marion County Youth Center