Letter: Superintendent pick no surprise

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Congratulations, Chuck Hamilton, on being appointed the next superintendent of Marion County Schools. Of course, we have all known since the hostile takeover of the school system back in January that Mr. Hamilton would certainly be our next superintendent. The Marion County Board of Education (MCBE) has accomplished another item on their not-so-hidden agenda. The amount of money spent on a fake superintendent search in no way lends credibility to the MCBE. Had we not had to waste funds on a process with such a predictable outcome, we could have had textbooks for the new accelerated placement science program at the high school. Obviously, the education of Marion County youth has not been a priority of the MCBE. I am sure Mr. Hamilton will serve us well, as he always has. That is not the issue. The corruption of the MCBE remains inexcusable.

Welcome home, Chuck.

Dennis J. Yaste