Letter: Superintendent should change his outlook

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A few months ago, I wrote a letter to the editor about Superintendent Donald Smith's evaluation and lo and behold, here I am again writing another letter in response to the recent article about his canceled evaluation. First of all, you are NOT a victim Mr. Smith. Stop it. You are the superintendent and your evaluation is completed by public officials who are connected to the community. You must take responsibility for your position and be accountable to hear the feedback you need to hear. There are no "hidden agendas" or "he say/she say" issues. These are weak statements and we expect more out of you as our superintendent. I have two children and my oldest goes to St. Augustine preschool, so you may be wondering why I care at all. I care about this city and this community and the public school system is a huge part of it. All kids are capable of doing great things if they are educated in an environment that fosters this ambition. When the leader of the public school system makes petty and belligerent statements in response to feedback or prior to the new public officials even taking office, then how can we be confident in his leadership ability? This is a critical role Mr. Smith and, like it or not, you have to change your delusional outlook.

Bill Adams, Ph.D