Letter: Tourist commission should apologize

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I'm a little dismayed that it's news that two restaurants have been turned over to the county attorney. I guess the first thing I'm dismayed about is the tourist and convention commission is depending on restaurants collecting and sending taxes to promote their endeavor. Restaurants have the greatest fail rate of any small business in the USA. They already have an 80-hour-a-week job without collecting taxes.
So you're giving the county attorney $100+ an hour to follow-up.
I do not even know where the two restaurants are located or who runs them. I assume they are run by local Marion Countians. Do  you suppose or care that maybe there are other creditors for rent, payment on equipment, food, supplies or utilities. I don't see them suing these people, and they are the only ones that will have a loss. You don't have anything involved. Next, I don't see what you are doing for them.
If you are successful, one or more of these people will probably be holding the bag and you'll get enough money to buy a few balloons and have a treat for a few kids. These people's family may suffer, but the great law will prevail.
You may even close them and then we will have two more empty buildings and probably six or eight families with a short income.
Maybe you should talk to someone trying to get jobs for Marion County. There's no doubt you can make a bunch of enemies, but you will prevail.
My suggestion: Go by and apologize to these people for saying this is the law and asking how can I help?
Pat Logsdon