Letter: Treated differently

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Can't seem to get in touch with the editor, so this is the only way I can get this out. Is it really that important to put on the front page of your website things that goes on in my life? You never put anything positive that I may be doing. Why wasn't me being selected as Coach of the Year at the high school last year not printed in the special section that came out? Maybe because positive things don't sell papers! I am not the first person in this simple-minded town to get a DUI, nor will I be the last. Matter of fact, there have been others to get them after me and why isn't their name plastered all over the paper and on your website. Why am I treated any different in this town? Makes me sick that I cannot live a normal life in the town that I grew up in. Wish I never moved back to this simple-minded place, called Lebanon, Kentucky! 

Anthony Epps



Editor's note: Epps sent this letter as an email. This was the first attempted contact the publisher was aware of, and she replied when she received it.