Letter: We need a budget

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Here we are on the brink again with Congress leaving Washington D.C. for a month or longer recess an no budget written for the fiscal year and the lawmakers having to pass a standby bill to keep the government running while they are out in the country seeking re-election in November. Just the fellows we need returning! Well, we know that a lot of them are not returning to D.C. next year.

President of China, I believe you are on quite shaky ground. The merry-go-round has been spinning for many years and every year it gets more favorable to Chinese passengers than American passengers. It is reported that you have possession of at least $2 trillion of USA IOUs, of which you hope, or anticipate interest payments. If I were you, I would feel very shaky buying all those USA IOUs when everyone knows that the USA is broke. The merry-go-round will cease turning the year when our government must keep borrowing to pay you interest on all the worthless IOUs you possess and the borrowing well has gone dry.

You have created what many consider a flourishing economy since the inception of so-called free trade, but it has not been in reality fair trade. I guess as long as all the unemployed in America (because their jobs has been exported elsewhere) keep taking their unemployment checks and Social Security check to Wal-Mart, whose shelves are all full of everything made in China, you will remain flourishing. I am quite sure all the Tea Party patriots would agree with me that when our government has no more resources to send out Social Security checks, Medicare health benefit checks and unemployment checks, there will be a revolution in this country before the people let their government send further interest payments on the debt you hold from America.

David N. Young