Letter: We need more about our post office

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The article in The Lebanon Enterprise dated Feb. 16, 2011, regarding the moving of the Loretto and St. Francis postal route to Lebanon was confusing and non-informative. The article stated that the plan to move the postal routes was under consideration. However, it also stated a March 26 timeframe for the move. When a scheduled date is given, that implies the decision has been made. This article also indicated that carriers would be moved to Lebanon in order to reduce expenses and maintenance. The mileage and the wear and tear on vehicles and personnel would be unchanged, so there would be no significant savings for the carriers. Because retail services and post office boxes would still be offered in St. Francis and Loretto, there would be no change in the cost of overhead. The way this article reads, it appears as if the Delivery Unit Optimization is form over substance. This gives the appearance of a cost savings where none exists. I believe that we are not being told the full story on these changes. We, as customers of the Postal Service, have a right to know the full scope of this plan before the March 26 changes. In order for clarification, I believe the Postal Service owes its customers a town hall meeting in Loretto. This meeting should be conducted to address the concerns that have been raised by their actions and allow for input. As a St. Francis resident, I am happy with the current services provided by our local post office and carrier.

Kathleen R. Cook

 St. Francis