Letter: You bet I'm a vet

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There are many special titles that I proudly wear. One of the most rewarding titles is that of Vietnam veteran. This Veterans Day 2012 highlights yet another year of dedicated, unwavering service by millions of America's finest men and women in our military forces. Their "call to duty" will echo across our great nation on this patriotic day of celebration, 11-11-12. This day of honoring our veterans has been observed for 93 years starting on 11-11-19. Many veterans work or live among us each and every day. They've taken on the image of your family member, your friend, your neighbor or even a stranger. Many of us blended back into our society without any personal recognition for our service and sacrifices for our country.
On Veteran's Day, 11-11-12, I ask that you seek out a veteran and personally thank them for their contribution to defending our American principles and our personal freedom. Please believe me when I tell you that no special award will ever mean more to a veteran than these two special words from you... "thank you." Such a small gesture of gratitude; such an awesome honor to receive!             
You bet... I'm a vet.
Ex-staff sergeant Barney Tharp
Vietnam Veteran