Letters to the editor, April 15

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By The Staff

Watch for motorcycles

Since spring has arrived, wonderful motorcycle weather is here! I'd like to put out some reminders to help make motorcycling safe.

Please do not go out and buy your teenager a crotch rocket (sport/racing bike) or any other kind of bike until he/she takes the Kentucky Motorcycle Rider Education Program. Without proper training, these bikes can be death machines.

The Ky. Motorcycle Rider Education Program is offered at all the colleges and community colleges. Elizabethtown and Bowling Green are closest to our area. The Basic Rider Course is for the beginning rider. The rider can practice on new motorcycles of different styles to determine which is most comfortable. There are only 12 people in the class, it lasts through a weekend, and after you pass the test at the end of the course, you come out with a certificate to get your license. It is practice in all basic and emergency maneuvers. With these skills, proper protective gear, especially helmets, a rider is ready to gain valuable experience in riding on roads.

The Experienced Rider Course can be taken each year with your own bike, and lasts 6 hours. It is practice again, in all basic and emergency maneuvers. Both of these courses are very valuable to riders and I highly recommend them. For more information, call (800) 396-3234. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation Web site is www.msf-usa-org. Sign up early as these classes fill up fast!

Here are a few safety reminders: If you have road frontage, remember that roads are made of a good surface for traction. Grass clippings, especially when wet, and gravel compromise the safeness of the road surface. Please, when mowing roadsides, make sure you throw the clippings away from the road surface. If you have gravel washing onto the roads, please take a moment to sweep it off and make the road safe. You may save a life by doing these two kind services.

When pulling out onto a road, look both ways and look again! Motorcycles are often not seen. One of the major causes of bike accidents is vehicles pulling out in front of them.

One more reminder: Please do not tailgate a motorcycle. Give that bike space for unexpected stops. Use the rule of thumb, one car length for every 10 mph you are traveling, or at least the 3 second rule.

We are lucky to live in an area where there are so many beautiful, scenic roadways. Let's enjoy them this year with safe riding/driving experiences.

Mary Ann Ohsol



Poor choice of words I was appalled when I read the article about Ernie Brown (Turtle Man) in the April 1st edition of The Lebanon Enterprise and saw the following quote from Jesse Osbourne, "Must take something strong like whiskey or meth to do something crazy like that."

Alcohol and meth abuse are major problems in our communities today that destroy many lives and families. Next time Mr. Osbourne should choose a better choice of words.

Eric Elder Park City


April is Donate Life Month   April has again been recognized as Donate Life Month nationally and here in Kentucky. I feel that this is a good time to show my appreciation to the many Marion Countians who have supported organ and tissue donation at our drivers license counter by donating $1 in support of our Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks Trust for Life program and placing their name on the new Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.

Since May of 2007, when the donor registry question became a part of our drivers license renewal program, more than 575,000 Kentuckians have placed their names on the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry. More than 2,274 names are from Marion County drivers who have signed up when they obtained their drivers license or picture ID at our office.

Organ, tissue and cornea donation saves thousands of lives in our country each year and vastly improves the lives of thousands more. Currently, there are more than 750 names on organ transplant waiting lists here in Kentucky.

Please consider being a registered organ donor and be prepared to say "yes" when you renew your Kentucky drivers license or picture ID.

Kim May Marion County Circuit Court Clerk Lebanon