Letters to the editor - April 2, 2014

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Wicker is dedicated to Bradfordsville
I am writing this letter in support of my friend Jackie Wicker who is up for re-election as Magistrate District One. Jackie has 11 years experience as magistrate in this district and he has always been our force in fiscal court regardless of his own personal opinions. His duties include budgeting for our county offices, solid waste, economic development, road maintenance and improvements along with a lot of other departments such as the jail, sheriff and EMS. And, he has never once voted to raise our taxes.
He works with our communities and projects such as the fire departments, parks and recreations, youth baseball and the senior center, to name a few. He is very dedicated to his job because it is his life’s work and he gives of himself willingly and whole-heartedly. He and his wife, Ollie Mae, have dedicated their lives and their time to helping others. They are present and helping out with all our community projects and events and that is why they are so dear to us all.
Jackie Wicker is not just a great magistrate, he is a person we call “friend.” Re-elect Jackie Wicker for magistrate in District One so he can continue in his dedication and commitment to our district and continue to serve us in his life’s work.
Connie Adams

Service center is here because of your support
On behalf of the Community Service Center Advisory Board, we want to acknowledge the tremendous and generous donations to assist those in our community who need help. Credit must be given to individuals, churches, school, business enterprises, fraternal organizations, clubs and civic groups in Marion County.
A special commendation must recognize the Feinstein Challenge for its tremendous contribution to the Community Service Center this past year. The Feinstein Challenge assists many organizations such as the Community Service Center in matching pledges to help fund programs to make it possible that people receive help for their needs.
The Community Service Center has become an important place of hope for many people in our community. As president of the Community Service Center board, I want to commend all those who contribute their time through volunteer work, donations, and other support for our organization. As pastor of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), it has been a blessing for the congregation and myself to share our facilities with the Community Service Center for many years. Just remember, without your support, the Community Service Center could not exist.
Anthony Gilbert

Vote for Wicker
I want to commend Mayor David Edelen, the city commissioners, the wonderful ladies who brought food, the people of the Bradfordsville community, and all the candidates for a great forum/debate at the Civic Center on March 25.
The forum/debate enabled us to leave as more informed voters who are prepared to cast our vote for Jackie Wicker as magistrate in District 1 on May 20. Jackie made it very clear at the forum/debate that we the people are the voice.
I am biased because Jackie Wicker is my brother, but the forum/debate certainly proved him to be the best man to continue to carry us forward these next four years. His hard work and dedication is seen clearly in so many areas that it is difficult to list them all. But, the communities of Bradfordsville and Gravel Switch have no problem in pointing them out to anyone who might ask what he has done. Some of these accomplishments includes a small park/play area in Gravel Switch, a pavilion and stage along with a wonderful playground in Bradfordsville, new front doors at the Civic Center and at the Learning Center, help obtaining a garbage truck for Bradfordsville, help getting a fire truck for Gravel Switch, not to forget the hours of labor put in on the Bradfordsville School renovation and furnishings for the new Senior Center. Also, there are his efforts to help with the youth baseball league and his assistance in community events to be acknowledged.
So, please let your voice be heard with your vote for Jackie Wicker, magistrate for District 1, on May 20.
Phyllis Hardin

Wicker isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty
My name is Troy Overstreet, and although I am not a resident of District One, I would like to publicly endorse Jackie Wicker for magistrate in that district. There are several fine people seeking the office, and I want to explain why I feel so strong about this endorsement.
Even though I do not reside in District One, I do most of my volunteer work there, and Jackie is right beside me. Most elected officials can get funds approved for their district, but very few are hands on. On any given day, if you visit Bradfordsville you will see Jackie out there on the ball field dragging, spreading brick dust or sewing grass. Then you’ll see him sitting on the bleachers watching the kids play.
He assisted us in having restrooms built at the park and he manually helped with the pouring of the concrete, and digging water lines. When the park was graced with the Dave Hourigan sign and scoreboard, Jackie once again was there digging holes and mixing concrete.
Another example of his community service and pride is when we planned to start construction on the old Bradfordsville school building. Debris that had been there over 20 years had to be cleared out, which took us over 12 hours on Derby weekend, and Jackie was there with us the entire time nasty, dirty and sweating just like the rest of us.
This friend is a man who is very compassionate about our community! Not only in the funding of projects to make it a better place to live, but is proud to pitch in and get his hands dirty to make things happen. What else could you ask for in a magistrate?
I am asking you to vote Jackie Wicker for magistrate in District One.
Troy Overstreet