Letters to the editor - Dec. 11, 2013

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Dog gone
On Dec. 5, I arrived home to hear a gruesome account of a brutal killing of a beautiful Akita dog. It was blond in color and it had visited my home off and on for three days. It won my heart over in such a short time. He was a big dog but a playful pup at heart.
It was a sweet gentle dog, but apparently it had wandered over in the yard across the street. A man who lived at the residence came out with a shot gun and shot down the yard and hit the dog. It rolled on the ground screaming and wailing in pain. A man hearing the gun shot came out of a house next door, mad and cursing seeing the dog laying bloody and in agonizing pain. He yelled at the man and told him to put the poor thing out of his pain. Again, a shot rang out hitting the poor animal. It yelped in agony, which could be heard echoing throughout the air. It seemed to carry for miles. The beautiful dog was still rolling around in pain. There seemed to be no end for the animal after several minutes of pain for the poor animal the man let go with another shot finally killing the poor thing. There in a puddle of blood laid man’s best friend.  Tears filled my eyes at the thought of that sweet dog lying there alone with no one to dig his grave and no one to say good bye my old friend.
To the owners of this dog I am so sorry for your loss of your friend. I will never understand why anyone would do such a thing. All he had to do was call the Marion County Animal Shelter they would have been more than glad to pick up the dog and find its home. Any of them will tell you there is nothing like the smile on a child’s face that has just been reunited with his best friend. Can anyone out there explain to me why these people think of doing something cruel and hurtful to someone else? Before they think of doing the right thing just a phone call and that beautiful animal could be home with his family instead of the cold ground. If for nothing else I hope writing this will make people think before acting. Again I’m so sorry for your loss. God’s speed.
Anna Hutchins
St. Francis