Letters to the editor, Dec. 17

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By The Staff

Band makes Bradfordsville parade very special

We from the Bradfordsville community received a wonderful blessing during our Christmas in the Country parade when the award-winning Marion County High School band graced our Christmas festival with their talents. So often the small communities feel left out, but the band and those in charge felt that being a part of the festival was significant enough under near freezing weather conditions to march and perform in the annual parade. The band played beautifully down our Main Street making a memory to all there that will not be soon forgotten. Marion County High School band, we appreciate you very much and all those who helped to produce this experience for us.

David Edelen Mayor, City of Bradfordsville  


Roads should be safe for bicyclists too, not just motorists

In regards to the article 'Taking a Detour', and the recommendation to narrow the road shoulders from eight to 10 feet down to four to six feet, I hope that Secretary Joe Prather will decide to maintain the eight to 10 feet width. I am an avid bicyclist and can attest to the safety issues that result with narrow shoulders. In Lebanon, as with most if not all small towns in Kentucky, there are no mass transit systems. No buses, no trolleys, no trains or trams, nothing. So for those of us who adamantly want to reduce our personal and our country's dependence on foreign oil, as well as develop a healthier and greener lifestyle, bicycling is the way to go. This is where the shoulder widths play a crucial role in bicycle riders' ability to ride safely.

For those who never or rarely ride a bicycle on Kentucky's' roadways, a four to six foot shoulder may seem adequate. But, once you take into account the width of the rumble strip and the gravel that encroaches on the outside of the shoulder, the four to six foot shoulder is quickly reduced to two to three feet. With traffic whizzing by at speeds up to 60 miles per hour, two to three feet does not provide a sufficient margin of safety.

I encourage everyone to contact Secretary Joe Prather and request that the Department of Transportation develop a clear and forward thinking plan that addresses mass transit concerns and include eight to 10 feet shoulders, providing bicycle riders a safe and healthy method of transportation - even to the point of postponing roadway programs until the budget allows for the wider shoulders.

Kathleen Gribbins Lebanon