Letters to the editor, Feb. 18

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By The Staff

Going beyond full measure

On behalf of the Marion County Board of Education, I am writing to express appreciation for Marion County Judge/Executive John G. Mattingly's commitment and diligent work in clearing the county roads for safe school bus travel. We were very pleased to return to school Monday, Feb. 9, after 10 consecutive days of school cancellation. This was made possible because you placed in high priority the resumption of education of our children as soon as possible.

During times of crisis like the experience of the 2009 ice storm, highly effective and dedicated leadership becomes critical to returning our community to normal living conditions. In Marion County Public Schools our Mission Statement is "Lagniappe...Going Beyond Full Measure."

We simply want to say thank you for a Lagniappe...Going Beyond Full Measure effort for the children of Marion County!

Sister Kay Carlew, Chairperson Marion County Board of Education   Good job by HOSA students


I am writing this letter after reading in last week's paper about the organ donation event planned by the three HOSA members. That makes me feel so happy as a recipient who was on the transplant waiting list for close to two years that these young girls took an interest in a subject so near and dear to my heart, that they made the general public aware of the need for donating organs and all its education. It was mentioned in the paper that the girls were hoping for at least 30 people to sign their license and be an organ donor. Hopefully Lebanon can excel their goal. Good job Kendal, Kaylor, and Ann Rachelle.

Lori Browning Caldwell Heart transplant 1997 Lebanon