Letters to the editor: If today was your last day

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If today was your last day, what would you do? Would you make up with people you've disagreed with? Forgive everyone for everything? Tell everybody you care about how you feel? If you knew today was your last, would you make the most of it? Of course you would. I doubt anybody would do everything they normally do if it was their last day on this earth. The thing is we do not know what day is our last. Accidents, crimes, illness and unhealthiness are unfortunate constants. They've become a part of our society that we are used to. But if we are unaware of which day is our last, how can we live that day specifically to its fullest? The answer should be easy. Live each day like it was your last. Forgive for the past. Remember your past, but do not dwell on it. Make yourself, and as many others as you can, happy. And this isn't working very well, is it? You have probably heard those types of encouraging words a million times in your life. They may inspire you each and every time you hear them, but they never last very long in your mind. As much as we may try, we are not perfect. We are also very difficult to change, no matter the motivation we have to do so. Despite this though, I am surely able to provide some temporary thought processes with my final question. It just might last long enough for you to forgive some things or feel a bit better about yourself, so it is worth being written. What if you had died yesterday?
Sarah Kuchar