Letters to the editor, March 25

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By The Staff


Politicians lied to us Welcome back, America. This much is true. You have been lied too and sold out. The Republocrats promise you better health care and educational systems, steady jobs and security, with an ever-increasing standard of living.

Instead, they give you a 10 trillion dollar national debt(184,000 dollars for every American), a failing economy, a reckless foreign policy, an inflationary money system, and disrespect of our nation’s founding documents.

They gave you a false, illegal, immoral, and aggressive war of invasion for oil, profits, and global domination. They have created hatred towards America by killing over a million innocent Iraqi men, women, and children while our borders are wide open.

They gave the biggest bailouts ever, so far, with frightening moves toward economic fascism in the financial sector. 8+ trillion dollars in 2008 bailouts, most of which can’t or won’t be accounted for and the Federal Reserve refuses to even tell us who got the free money.

They give you nothing but massive protectionism, secrecy, duplicity, socialism, corporatism, and growing reliance on police-state tactics.

Both parties claim to be the party of the people. Both scream “change” but both parties constantly and repeatedly vote to destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Both parties have voted to stop all common sense legislation to secure our borders.

Trillions for war and bailouts, but no money for you. No money for tax breaks, education, health care, or more medical research. No money to stop the slaughter and starvation in Africa. No money for the good stuff but they can print trillions for bankers and their buddies on Wall Street.

Now is the time to wake up, ladies and gentlemen. You must realize these corrupt politicians, CEOs, and the greedy bankers that own them don’t give a damn about you or your family, or they wouldn’t be giving trillions of your dollars to Wall Street while millions lose their jobs and homes across America.

And so it goes. Another man with a record of disrespect for the Constitutional limits on his power leaves the office of the presidency, and another takes over. When will America stand up and say enough is enough. Washington, YOU ARE FIRED!!!campaignforliberty.com- takebackkentucky.com- prisonplanet.comare a good start.

Jeremy Walls

Bardstown, KY


A new low

The only thing more pathetic then the misery of loneliness is the depths to which some will sink to gain attention.  President Obama’s callous remarks on those with special needs is truly a new low.

 Dirk D. Hoerr

Chicago, Illinois