Letters to the editor - May 14, 2014

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Vote Dudley Friend Adle for District 3 magistrate
Dudley Friend Adle is running for District 3 magistrate and I want to tell you that he was named appropriately, as he is a Friend to all. His biggest asset with the military was just that. Leaders saw how un-judgmental he was towards people and pulled him in to use his negotiation skills to work for the benefit of all. He was the same as a father. Knowing that all people are different and are given different gifts by God, he never judged us. He just guided us and showed us different directions that would lead us down our path. Dudley has the knowledge and direction and that would provide a strong benefit for Marion County. Strong leadership does not have to include power, just respect and the ability to find a way to work for all. You will never know what capabilities you can have until you reach out to something different. This is why I believe Dudley Friend Adle would make you proud to be a voice for your needs as he represents what we all should be, and he is waiting and ready to serve you.
Patricia Dorton-Boyd
Marion County, District 3

Vote Craig Bishop for magistrate
In today’s world it is seldom to know someone who silently serves without wanting attention.
That quality, alone, was what caught my attention! So, I want to share something I have come to know and appreciate about Craig Bishop.
His character, value-system and years of “silent service”, i.e., good deeds done known only to the recipients weaves a county-wide story that needs to be told during this election.
School benefits, athletic teams, multiple benefits, socials and numerous organizations are recipients of Craig’s private generosity.
Neither personally nor professionally does he want credit, but those who have experienced him as a benefactor know that he will serve his District 3 constituency with dedication, integrity, a level head and sharp mind.
Sister Mary Lois Speaks, OSU/MSJ