Letters to the editor - More books wanted?

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More books wanted?
The Marion County Heritage Center in Lebanon has asked for my book called "St. Francis of Assisi Beginnings" covering the 100th Anniversary of the church at St. Francis, Ky., in 1996. However, right away I sold all of the 1,000 books that I had printed and never reordered. I've had a few people over the years to call and ask for one but I didn't have enough names to reorder.  
I cannot invest in that again unless I have enough requests to make it worth my while. I never had an intention to reorder until now because I didn't have enough requests. Please let me know if you also are interested so that I can see how many people might want a book before I check out the reprinting. If anyone reading this is interested in a copy of it, please call me at (270) 865-4151 so that I can put your name on that list.
Nancy Lyon