Letters to the editor, Oct. 31, 2012

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We can stop the cycle in our community

October is domestic violence awareness month and I am intrigued by our community's tolerance with such a horrific act. I truly don't believe we understand the catastrophic damage one causes when they choose to physically and mentally abuse another person.

Based on conversations I have had with victims and their families, the women of Marion County seem to have the same rights and protection as those in the Middle East and under Sharia Law. I believe abused animals have more rights, more of a voice and more justice than the abused women in our county. Those who are beaten and survive must live in constant fear, change their entire lives and incur expenses that will leave them hostage for life, while the abuser attends a few classes to understand their behavior and continues plotting to finish what they started. In the research that I have done, I have not seen much reported on the recovered abuser. However, we give them multiple chances to ruin the lives of those in our community until it finally ends in death.

As a community, we have an obligation to ensure the voices of those being abused are heard and that the proper punishment is swift and just for those who choose to abuse. We need to get the proper officials in place that have courage to hold abusers accountable and the incestuous nature of the legal system in Marion County must cease. We can make Marion County safe again by becoming a community that has zero tolerance towards violent crimes.

Eric Kenoyer



Congratulations Governor

You proved the old saying, "Politics are the damndest in Kentucky." In the last few months you have had the privilege of selecting two judges. Just a coincidence, the two most qualified people in a state of some four million people were both in the opposite party and both in the Senate and a burr in your saddle.

How would you like to be tried by a judge that you knew got the job by being abrasive? One of these men I know and you know doesn't have the demeanor for a job of this kind.

I think this could be explained by saying of the Governor, by the Governor and for the Governor.

I'm going to be as good as a child two weeks before Christmas as this old boy, a lifetime Democrat, doesn't want to face either of these gentlemen.

Pat Logsdon



Hunting amendment on ballot Nov. 6

I am writing this letter to inform my fellow Kentucky hunters and fishermen of the important decision we all have on Nov. 6 of this year. As you may already know, there is a question on this year's ballot concerning our fundamental hunting rights and an amendment to the Kentucky Constitution. As I understand, hunting in Kentucky is currently considered a privilege.  

Although hunting runs deep through our heritage as Kentuckians, the right to hunt is not currently guaranteed by our state Constitution. On Nov. 6, voters across Kentucky will have the opportunity to encourage their legislators to change that. The proposed amendment to the Kentucky Constitution would guarantee all Kentuckians the personal right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife, subject to laws and regulations that promote conservation and preserve the future of hunting and fishing, as well as making hunting and fishing the preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife. By voting yes, Kentuckians can encourage their legislators to amend the Kentucky constitution, making hunting and fishing a fundamental right.

In my opinion, this amendment would protect the legacy of Kentucky hunting and fishing from outside interest groups and special interest lobbyists with alternative agendas. Making hunting and fishing a constitutional right by amending the Kentucky Constitution will guarantee future generations the right to exercise the freedoms that all Kentucky hunters and fishermen currently enjoy. Voting no on the proposed amendment will allow the opportunity to remain for outside groups and special interest to decide the future of Kentucky hunting and fishing.

As a proud Kentuckian, and a proud hunter and fishermen, I urge everyone to encourage their legislators to amend our Constitution by voting yes on  Nov. 6. Tell our legislators to protect our deep history of hunting and fishing and Kentucky's status as "the happy hunting ground" for generations to come. Keep Kentucky's hunting and fishing rights in the hands of Kentuckians.

Andrew Masterson

New Hope


Vote Mills, Obama

Terry Mills and Bill Pickerill want to be the District 24 state representative.

Since Rep. Mills was elected, he has been very good for us. If I had a question about a bill, he answered it or got help from someone who could.

Mills is open-minded about civil rights for the young and elderly. He wants to know how he can help and what you think about the bills in Frankfort. He listens when you disagree with him and wants to know both sides of any issue. Mills supported and sponsored the industrial hemp bill that would create 10,000-15,000 jobs, many of which may come to this part of the state and help local farmers. On casino gambling, he is at least open-minded enough about the issue to support it if it would help our district and our fellow Kentuckians, especially if it would help lower income and middle class families. Mills worked hard with Sen. Jimmy Higdon on the Larry Lee bill to help people like Larry Lee, who lost his life after walking away from a personal care home in northern Kentucky. Mills supported Senate Bill 93 (Golden Alert) by Sen. Denise H. Angel from Louisville. Ms. Angel made sure that her bill helped the disabled and young children. 

Terry Mills will work for the rich or poor in his district or in Kentucky. In my opinion, Mr. Pickerill seems more interested in the rich and doesn't care about the middle or lower income families. Please vote for Terry Mills for state representative.

When you vote for President, remember Bill Clinton straightened out the policies of George H.W. Bush in eight years. George W. Bush had eight years to put us in this hole; he seemed to be only interested in the needs of the upper class. Don't judge President Obama, who tried to get us out of the two undeclared wars, by saying that he is taking the poor people for everything and making the rich richer like President Bush did.

Romney won't tell you what he is going to do for the United States because he is for the rich only. He is definitely not for the poor.

White, black, pink, or purple please vote for President Obama, he is better than the other man for the people of Kentucky.

Ron Perry