Letters to the Editor, Oct. 8

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By The Staff

Holliday was right about Morgan statue

I highly commend Mr. Holliday for his admirable insight, sensitivity and his willingness to speak truth to power. Having been a part of finally having a street named after Dr. King and actually unveil, with City Administrator John Thomas, the new name for the street, I am in accord with Mr. Holliday as to the appropriate place and his stated reasons. In essence, to place the [John Hunt Morgan] statue on Depot and Martin Luther King Jr. Street is paramount to saying, "Regardless of the progress ya'll have made, I'm still watching ya'll." Though some continue to debate the fact that Dr. King changed the world for everyone - that's still their right and I respect that right - we should not destroy the honor of a street named after him by placing a statue of a man whose thinking and actions were in direct contrast to Dr. King's life-giving efforts to make America what it professes to be and the world in general better in a non-violent and sacrificial manner for all people.

I concur with Mr. Holliday that the statue, if it is to be a permanent fixture, belongs in the Civil War Museum. For those who say the statue is part of Lebanon's "rich Civil War history" I ask, which part of the community are they referring to? As a "community" let us never forget that the complete severance of the past from the present or the future is impossible because all of our yesterdays leave their influence and psychological memories upon us through days and years to come, especially those that are not addressed in an open manner.

Verda Calhoun


Lebanon NAACP

Voting yes to bailout was the right thing to do

I want to publicly thank Senator McConnell and the other U.S. House of Representatives for supporting the "2008 Economic Recovery Act" aka the $700 billion financial system bailout. As for Senator Bunning who voted no, well, the words I would like to express for his lack of understanding and concern for the greater good cannot be printed here.

Our economy is in the "emergency room" and if does not start getting the help required to survive, well, millions will be filing bankruptcy in 2009, lose jobs and millions more foreclosures will follow. One final opinion I'd like to express - I am a registered Democrat and believe more than ever that we need actual leadership and knowledgeable political leadership who will provide a whole new set of rules and policies governing our financial systems, along with social /health care/ tax reform agendas that will revive our economy, and our moral standing in the world.

If anyone believes that McCain and Sarah - "I could not speak or write a coherent sentence if my life depended on it" -Palin- are up to the critical changes, you can bet their conservative, Bush-like approaches will not change anything for the middle class or our financial systems, or our economy at large. They will only make our actual economy worse.

I believe Barack Obama and Joe Biden have demonstrated actual leadership and have actual knowledge on what needs to be changed.

Elizabeth Wallen


Vote YES to the recallable nickel

We ask the Marion County community to consider seriously saying YES to the recallable nickel. The question of the recallable nickel will be on the November ballot. A YES vote would enable the Marion County School Board to have the bonding capacity to add classrooms to our over crowded schools, to add necessary instructional space at our area tech school to mention only two of the needs.

Our children, our students of Marion County need the voters of this county to step up to the plate and say YES. Many of our schools, as we have known them, are obsolete. We need to prepare our students for the world in which they will live and work.

There are many community meetings being held throughout the county. Check to see when a meeting will be held in your area. Please, please hear the facts before you make up your mind.

We do not want our students to have less than our neighboring county students.

The recallable nickel tax would cost the average homeowner $38 a year, which is only $3 a month. Aren't our students worth that?

Kay Carlew


Marion County Board of Education

Johnny Boone is a good man


I reluctantly write this letter in fear of pay backs, but I still have freedom of speech.

Let this witch hunt end for Johnny Boone. He is a true friend to me and all of those that know him. Johnny isn't the evil man that some folks would have you believe. He's a good man!

Our tax dollars would be better spent in pursuit of child molesters, murderers and thugs.

And why are Joe Keith Bickett and Bobby Joe Shewmaker still In prison? It's a damned shame!

David L. Duley