Letters to the editor - Oct. 8, 2014

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Switch to McDonalds and Grimes
Burger King recently moved their national headquarters to Canada from the United States. Senator Mitch McConnell failed again to close tax loopholes for when corporations move out of the country.
Although Mitch is not for employees to get a raise in minimum wage, Mitch McConnell is for big corporations to make lots of money and keep their money without paying taxes on it. This will cost a lot of Burger King employees their jobs, but Mitch doesn’t care. He loves big corporations, but tells Kentucky voters that he is working for us. I hope you know that he hasn’t ever worked for us.
Burger King calls their big burger the Whopper. The Whopper burgers name could be changed to the “Big Mitch.” Mitch tells whoppers!
Terry Stahl
Bowling Green