Letters, July 9

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 Project Graduation was a success

As the president of this year’s graduating class, I’d like to express the immense success my classmates, parents in our community and I shared at this year’s Project Graduation. For those who do not know, Project Graduation is an all night event held on the night of graduation in the Marion County High School gym, and it provided a safe, fun, and drug/alcohol free environment for all of the graduates and a guest of their choice. In addition to the great time had by all who attended Project Graduation, my classmates and I also had the opportunity to win some amazing prizes, like televisions, laptops, printers, DVD players, GPS systems and bikes, which can be used once we move into our dorms at college or in the future endeavors of our choosing. 

Many local businesses and individuals within the community helped to support this year’s event, either through monetary donations, volunteering during our service opportunities and the night of Project Graduation, serving on the Planning Committee, or by donating food and supplies. These contributions really helped to turn Project Graduation into a community event centered around the well-being of our local graduates. Because of this unique aspect, we encourage all local businesses to continue their support of this program not just for the last hurrah it will enable these classes to have, but for the further promotion of safety of young adults in Marion County. Let’s help make this a long-lasting tradition for all graduates!

Abby Blandford

MCHS, Class of 2014

Throw the penalty flag

As I look around and listen to folks in Marion County, I cannot help but be concerned. The buzz is all about the Marion County Public Schools. The main points of interest are the release and reassignment of certain school personnel. With any team, whether in the public or in the private sector, adjustments have to be made to reinforce and realign and, often times, refocus the team. 

All team restructuring must be warranted with detailed documentation supporting the changes. It may be as clear cut as a retirement or as unpleasant as poor performance. Both in public and private organizations, the privacy of those involved must be honored and protected. However, those supportive facts in the decision making must be available and reviewed by the proper authorities. The proper authority cannot be the general public and certainly not an angry audience. 

Cooler, more rational, heads need to prevail. Our children’s best educational interest should be our ultimate and unified team goal. Even in team sports it’s an illegal procedure for “piling on.” 

In the present situation, I believe someone needs to “throw the penalty flag.” We need to give our school administrator time to regroup and refocus her educational team. Our children need to be the champions of our common cause and not the causalities of a misguided conflict. They deserve no less.

Barney Tharp


Wrong for Marion County

I have sat and read the articles, comments, and complaints of the citizens against the school board and Ms. Schlosser and the mistake of hiring her into the position she now holds. I was curious as to when and what form of communication was used to post the position for Superintendent of MarionCounty schools? 

I do not recall reading about the other candidates that posted for the position and their views for the schools and the students of our county. The former mistake (Donald Smith), wasted taxpayer dollars by creating an assistant superintendent position (Filled by Ms. Schlosser) that was created because he couldn’t hack the job. I believe if memory serves me correctly one of the reasons he is no longer Superintendent is that he would not become a Marion County resident. When did Ms. Schlosser move to Marion County and become a resident? Mistakes have been made and need to be corrected. I fully support replacing the school board for the problems caused by their decisions. Ms. Schlosser should be replaced because she has proven she cannot handle the position efficiently and in the best interest of the School system and Marion County.

Although it is not required by the state, in my opinion the school board should consist ONLY of members who have their own children actively in the Marion County school system. Elect as normal but make the requirement. You will have a board who has a DIRECT interest in the decisions made for the county schools, and children of Marion County. When your last child graduates High school, you can finish out the term and then let the next parent run for the position. As far as Ms. Schlosser, she is wrong for the position and wrong for Marion County.

Jerry Kuchar

Parent and Marion County resident

TEAM seeks change

The Education Advancement Movement for Marion County [TEAM Marion County] is a citizen group focused on the advancement and the quality of education within and of Marion County, Kentucky. 

Accountability is key, as is transparency with administrators, the school board, educators, as well as parents and taxpayers. All parties must be involved to ensure that ALL children receive the best possible education.

TEAM Marion County’s goal is to engage everyone, especially the public, to put Marion County back into the top 20 percent of all school districts in the state; to produce well-rounded, educated students, as well as good test scores.

TEAM Marion County believes leadership has lost its ability to lead, and it is time to restore stability through new leadership. The group is open to any and all  suggestions about how to achieve this goal, and it welcomes input from administrators, school board members, educators, parents and students.

Between litigation and personnel issues that can’t be discussed openly, lack of representation and censorship by the school board, there are just too many barriers to moving the district forward in its current state and with its current leadership.

TEAM Marion County wants change; change in leadership and change in the school board members so that the focus can be returned to the children and their education.

TEAM Marion County can be contacted by email at teammarioncounty@gmail.com, by phone at 270-692-4844, or on Facebook at https:www.facebook.com/teammarioncounty?ref=hl.

Anyone concerned about the future of education and the future of Marion County should take time to get involved and let his or her voice be hear. All are welcome regardless of position.

Dennis Hagan