Limits on city animals to go into effect Jan. 1

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By Jeff Wooldridge

My last article on the animal ordinance addressed the cost of having your Lebanon animals licensed. Now we need to talk about how many animals you are allowed to own. According to the City of Lebanon's animal ordinance, which will go into effect Jan. 1, 2009, animal owners will be limited on the number of pets that they will be able to own or posses. Anyone that owns over the limit shall have those animals "grand fathered in" with the understanding that the animals must be licensed. All this means is that if you have more than the limit before Jan 1, you will be legal as long as you have all of your animals licensed and abide by the restrictions outlined in the ordinance.

Now for the maximum number of animals allowed in the city limits of Lebanon. No household shall harbor, own or possess greater than three dogs or three cats. Under no circumstances shall any household harbor, own or posses greater than five animals in combination (i.e., imposing a maximum of either three dogs and two cats or three cats and two dogs).

If you do not conform to these regulations you are at risk of facing stiff penalties. Any person or entity violating any provision of this section shall be deemed guilty of a Class A misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine not to exceed $500, or be imprisoned for a period not to exceed 12 months, or be both so fined and imprisoned. Each day a violation continues shall constitute a separate offense.

All of the above information comes from section six of the Lebanon animal ordinance. If you don't have a copy I suggest all pet owners in the city limits acquire one. The only place that you can get a copy at this time is at Lebanon City Hall. This is also the only place to purchase your city tags at this time. I was told by a gentleman last week that he purchased tags No. seven and eight, so it sounds like city animal owners are going to wait until the last minute because I know that there are more than eight dogs in Lebanon. Heck, there are more dogs than that on North Street.

My next article will contain additional information that you should know about this ordinance.   

There are several upcoming events that you need to know about. This Friday we will be participating in the Dickens Christmas Parade and Sunday, Dec. 7, we will be having our volunteer appreciation dinner. For any additional information, please call the shelter at (270) 692-0464.  For all of your adoption needs please check out our great selection here at the Marion County Animal Shelter. Put a little love in your life and adopt from us.

Editor's note: Jeff Wooldridge is the Marion County animal control officer.