Local legislators file bills in 911 emergencies

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By Stephen Lega

State Sen. Dan Kelly is one of five co-sponsors of Senate Bill 30, which would limit access to 911 tapes. The bill approved by the Senate reads that 911 tapes would not be considered public records.

The bill would allow a provision for a transcript of the tape to be provided, or for the recordings to be released with the permission of the person who made the call and any people referenced during the call.

Any person would be allowed to listen to, but not record, the tapes at the 911 facility, but no recording of the tape could be made. The person listening could make notes or their own transcription under the provisions of the bill.

The bill, which has received public opposition from the Kentucky Press Association, has been introduced into the House.

Kelly is also one of seven co-sponsors of Senate Bill 1, which could lead to revisions of student assessments in public schools. Some of the provisions of the bill include limiting rewrites of student portfolios and eliminating an open-response question requirement.

The bill has passed the Senate and has been introduced to the House of Representatives.

State Rep. Jimmy Higdon recently sponsored HB 425, which would require energy, water and communication utilities to provide daily updates to the Division of Emergency Management during a declared state of emergency. The report would include the number of customers without power and anticipated restoration times.

Higdon's bill has been introduced in House committee on seniors, military affairs and public safety.