Loretto, Bradfordsville to pick city officials

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By Stephen Lega

Voters in Bradfordsville and Loretto will be electing their respective city commissioners Nov. 2. Loretto will be voting for a mayor as well.

Bradfordsville Mayor David Edelen does not have any opposition.

Incumbents George Edelen Jr., Sandy Gribbins and Travis May will appear on the ballot for the Bradfordsville City Commission. Jerry Lee Tungate, another incumbent, and Lee Tungate have filed to run as write-in candidates.

In Loretto, Mayor Robert Miles is facing a challenge from Joe Masterson. The incumbent commissioners - Tom Brahm, Ada J. Hamilton, Sammy Medley and Lennie Nalley - and Connie Mattingly are running for the four seats on the Loretto City Commission.

The Enterprise sent questionnaires to each of the candidates. Only those candidates who replied to that questionnaire are profiled below. The completed questionnaires also appear online at www.lebanonenterprise.com.

  Loretto ITALICS Mayoral candidate - Robert Miles

Miles, 75, has been the mayor of Loretto since 1992, and he would like to continue serving in that position.

He wrote that he wants the city to keep growing. He added that the most important issue for the city is to have it patrolled by the sheriff's office.

Miles also noted some of the accomplishments that have occurred while he has been mayor. These include overseeing the construction of the new city hall and the addition of new dugouts and a new scoreboard at the ball fields at the park.

  City commission candidate - Tom Brahm

Brahm, 52, has been on the city commission for the past four years. He would like to stay involved and, hopefully, make the city better.

Brahm wrote that sidewalks remain an issue for the city, and he would like to see more work done at the city park.

"If we can get the grants we need we hope to do some good things there," he wrote.

  Bradfordsville City Commission ITALICS Jerry Lee Tungate

Tungate, 69, a write-in candidate, served on the city commission for eight years, which taught him a lot about city government and police services.

He is seeking re-election to "help maintain city properties and generate new projects for the future."

He wrote the most important issues for the city are working to get a cell tower and improving the police department.

"We'll need to ask for more public input," he wrote.

He added that empty lots in the city need to be cleaned up, noting that the city could ask volunteers to help.

"Win or lose, I'd do voluntary work when possible," he wrote.

  Lee Tungate

Tungate, 45, has moved back to Bradfordsville after living in Florida for 26 years. He wants to take an active role in the community where he is living.

"I have a genuine interest in the welfare of the city and the well-being of its people," he wrote.

Lee Tungate added that every issue the city considers is important, although he mentioned the stray animal problem as something that should be addressed immediately. Commissioners should make decisions with the majority opinion in mind, he wrote.

The city should work to complete projects in a timely manner and find ways to keep young people interested in the community.

"I'll do my best to make choices that reflect the opinion of the majority and give all issues equal attention," he wrote.

Editor's note: The Enterprise did not receive a reply from any of the other Loretto City Commission or mayoral candidates or from the other Bradfordsville City Commission candidates.