Lots of fishin’, huntin’ goin’ on

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By Shelton Young

Last weekend our youth had their shot (pun intended) at a spring turkey!
Now, come April 13, it’s time for us big boys and girls to play. We have from this Saturday until May 5 to do our spring thing. That’s 23 days of gobbler chasin’ coming up!
If you’re not ready by now ya should be. Just keep safety in mind. Stay away from the ‘turkey’ colors of red, white and blue. Know where your fellow hunters will be if you’re sharing an area with someone else. And know for sure, absolutely, no question and without the slightest doubt that the turkey you’re about to shoot is indeed a turkey!
Also, don’t forget to call your bird in when you take it. Now where I’m hunting I have no cell phone service so I’ll just call when I get a signal, but I will call!
So, go get’em and take plenty of pictures!
Remember how to score your turkey? Its w + 2(B) + 10(RS) + 10(LS) = score. That’s the bird’s weight plus two times the beard length plus 10 times the right spur length plus 10 times the left spur length equals your score.
First, I’m goin’ to tell ya a story!
Last year the Mid-KY Bass were fishing Taylorsville Lake, I think! Anyway, John and I were riding down the lake when my boat started to bog down. Now a poor running bass boat doesn’t sit well with me, so I took it to my marine mechanic. He looked at it, said he’d have to check some things and get back to me.
A few days later he called and said he had some bad news. Seems my gas lines (a rubber compound) and gaskets up in the engine (same stuff) were all bad. The cost to repair? $800. Big outboards cost big money to repair!
The cause? Ethanol. As in the gas we all use. So since ethanol is bad, and it’s in our gas, and we have to have gas, what do we do?
With cars/trucks from 2000 or something like that there’s no problem, except poor mileage. But with marine engines, it’s more complicated. So much so, that I can’t really explain it. Has to do with deterioration of rubber lines and, since marine engines tend to sit for a while with gas in the tanks, it breaks down so there’s a lot of water separation. Told ya I couldn’t explain it!
Anyway, you can use unleaded, with ethanol, as long as you use a ‘treatment.’ One of them is green, made to treat gas and works pretty good. But, you’re still using gas with ethanol. You’re still taking a chance!
Another option is to only use ethanol-free gas. You can still get it, for about 40 more cents on the gallon. Much better than $800!
So where can you get it? Well, the Fast Track station in Campbellsville, out 210 toward Columbia, usually has it. And the Green River Grocery, go toward Holmes Bend and you’ll see their sign on the right, has it.
If anyone any closer, as in Lebanon, carries ethanol-free gas I’ve not heard about it.
Long way to drive for gas? Beats another $800 bill!
Saturday John and I won the Woodlawn Baptist Church Annual Bass Tournament with 4.2-pounds total. This was anchored by John’s big bass of 1.11-pounds.
In second, with 3.34-pounds was the team of Harold and Timmy Orberson.
Chris Mattingly’s 2.5-pounds secured third place for him.
I should have pictures next week.
Sunday the Mid-KY Bass Anglers fished Green River for our first Angler of the Year points’ tournament.
After a very, very windy day we had our 4 p.m. weigh-in.
With a very impressive 17.30-pound bag, anchored by the tournaments big bass of 6.04-pounds, the team of Timmy and Harold Orberson blew the rest of us away and took first place.
Donald Hafley and Mike Veatch took second with a 10.52 total. Only .04 behind them in third with 10.48-pounds was Patrick Campbell and Brett Underwood.
I’ll have those pictures next week too!
Our next Mid-KY Bass Anglers Tournament will be April 21 on Springfield Reservoir.
We launch at 8 a.m. with a 2 p.m. weigh-in.
Originally we were going to fish Salem Lake in LaRue County. But, there’s been some controversy about the lake. You can’t use gas engines but they can be on the boat. Or, you can’t even have a gas motor on your boat.
When you ask those who ‘know’ you get different opinions.
So, to avoid potential problems we just voted to move the tournament!
My 5-year-old grandson Silas, Troy’s son, took a nice mature gobbler during the youth weekend. Dan and Grandpa are very proud.
Guess that’s it for now. Get out, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, stay safe and I’ll see ya next week!