Magistrate candidate questionnaire, District E-James Rickie Livers

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By The Staff

Name: James Rickie Livers

Address: 762 East Moores Creek Rd.

Date of birth: July 27, 1954

Family information: Wife, Sherry

Son: Brian Livers, Daughter: Joni Hutchens (Husband Brad)

Stepdaughters: JoJean Wint (Husband Eric) and Lauren Parrish

4 grandsons and 2 granddaughters

Educational background: Graduated Marion County High School 1972

Marion County Vo-Tech (carpentry) 1971-72

Work history: Retired Ford Motor Company (30 Yrs)

Retired Cattle and Tobacco Farmer

Currently self-employed

Community activities (clubs, organizations, church, etc.): Our Lady of the Hills Catholic Church

Farm Bureau Member (30 yrs)

UAW local 862 (30 yrs)

Cattlemen's Association

I have held or supported many benefits in the past year for our local residents.

I proudly sponsor:

Marion County High School Sports

St. Catharine College Sports

Caring Place

Relay for Life

The Sheriffs Dept, and numerous fire departments and churches.

Campaign website:

Campaign email:

1. Why are you running for magistrate?

I am running for magistrate because I honestly believe I can bring a positive change to the county. I want to be the voice of the common man. The voice of the men and women who have to get up every morning and work hard for a living. The voice of the farmer who can't afford to grow crops. The voice of the factory worker who was laid off due to outsourcing or cutbacks. I want to be the voice of every man and woman who in these times of hardship and uncertainty needs someone who will try and get something done. I know people. I know and understand the importance of what it means to be a good neighbor. I have lived in Marion County all my life and too many times I have watched a blind eye turned toward reforms that require immediate attention due to lack of funding, lack of commitment, or just lack of effort. I want to be Magistrate to address those problems and help secure a safe and financial future for Marion County and our children.

2. What are your qualifications to serve as a magistrate? What knowledge and experiences have prepared you for this position?

One of the things that I learned from working thirty years at the Ford motor company is the importance of making good financial and reasonable decisions. I feel that one of my greatest qualifications is my strength of character. I am well known and respected throughout the community. I am fair and honest and believe hard work can cure anything. I fell that non-biased, honest approaches are needed in order to address many of the problems our county faces today. I feel that punctuality is a key characteristic of being able to complete the tasks needed before they become a problem. I have proven my punctuality by attending fiscal court meetings for the past year and I have learned a great deal about the community and the people who live in this county. I am a local business owner and I have lived in Marion County my entire life.

3. If elected, what will be your priorities in office?

One of my main priorities is to continue to bring in industry into Marion County. Many of our youth today graduate from High School and seek employment elsewhere due to the fact that our county offers few jobs and low pay wages. A main priority is to bring in new industry with higher pay scales in order to boost our local economy. By creating more jobs and better pay wages we will also be creating more reasons for kids to stay in school. Keeping kids in school is a priority for not only the child in question but for the benefit and welfare of the whole community. Children are our future and we must provide a safe and nurturing environment for them to learn and develop. Providing more recreational facilities is also a priority and key in order to give our town appeal to outside companies and people who would want to move here, give the children of the community extra-curricular activities in order to keep them active and off drugs, provide wholesome entertainment and recreation to those who reside in our county. Another main priority is keeping our environment clean and protecting our natural resources.

4. What do you believe are the most important issues the county will be facing in the next four years? What can you do as a magistrate to address those issues?

I previously stated in question number three; one of the main priorities of this county should be the focus on bringing more industry and jobs to the county. One of the main issues we will be facing in the next three years is an issue we have been facing for many years in the past: poverty. We must as a community and as a commonwealth develop a plan in order to strengthen our community financially and bring in more jobs with higher competitive pay wages. I believe in the next four years our school funding will fall short of what is needed in order to provide an adequate education for our children.

5. E-911 has been discussed in Marion County for more than a decade, but it has not become a reality. Do you support bringing E-911 to the county? If so, how should we pay for it? If not, why not?

I support E-911 and hope that it will be in place in the community soon. It should be a comfort to everyone that lives in Marion County knowing that when they call for help they will promptly be assisted. The ability to find someone quickly and arm our local emergency vehicles with today's latest technology we will be able to process emergency calls and dispatch emergency vehicles to geographic positions faster than ever before. Through the use of GPS and the ability to pin point the position of a person calling from a cell phone we will save lives. There are grants available in Kentucky to help support the upgrade. Once the program is in place money from surcharges already placed on our cell phones should generate enough revenue to help pay for this service.

6. Health insurance costs continue to climb and the county's revenue from its occupational tax has declined with the decline in the economy. What should the county do to sustain itself financially?

Raising occupational tax is not the answer. Adding more tax to those individuals who are fortunate to have jobs will only cause more problems. Every year health insurance becomes less affordable for families and businesses. Many people are denied coverage based on a preexisting condition and others just can't afford insurance. In order for the county to sustain its self-financially for the future there must be a balance between wage increases and careful balancing of funding. The government has now passed the health care reform. It will be our responsibility to make sure it is implemented fairly.

7. What other issues do you think the county should focus on, and what can you do as a magistrate to address those issues?

Two main areas of focus should always be on jobs and education. We need to focus our attention on real solutions and not promises and scare tactics. We need plans and people who can carry out those plans and get things done. Keeping our roadways and bridges properly maintained is another issue that needs addressing. Proper care and maintenance on equipment, and making sure the roads are taken care of in a timely matter will be a priority. The budget and taxes are always an issue and as Magistrate I will do my best to work with federal, state and local government officials to do everything I can to bring lower taxes and better wages to our county.

8. What else would you like voters to know about you?

I have worked hard all my life. I worked at Ford motor plant for 30 years and farmed most of my life. I have strong ties to the people here in Marion County. I believe in honesty and truthfulness. I would like to see the people in each community start attending the Fiscal Court Meetings so they would have a better understanding of local government. I believe that everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, or social status, should have the opportunity to be heard and to have a part in making decisions in our county. Together we can build a bring future for Marion County.