Making a big decision about the 'nickel'

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By The Staff

As a community we have a big decision to make, one that bears life changing consequences. Many citizens wanted to have a voice in the making of this decision therefore, a petition was signed. Now the nickel tax will go to vote. Yep, that's the American way. Either the nickel tax will pass or it won't. But either way there are consequences. Either we use the money of our own taxpayers to better the facilities where the future of Marion County receives their education or we keep our money to ourselves.

If the nickel tax is a success this could be our consequence. The children and young adults of Marion County will receive all that they deserve. Calvary Elementary students will have a room in which to learn about music instead of an old wooden stage, as well as desks to sit in comfortably. A school counselor will have the space and privacy needed to take care of the emotional education of our students. Students who need the support will have an area of their own to learn those basic math facts that are needed in life. Students will no longer sit on the floor of hallways to learn how to read.  Children can benefit from an area to have physical education that isn't also used as a lunch room, bus room, and assembly area. Young adults will gain the expertise needed to be employed. Employment they will need to contribute to Marion County. Students will graduate from a school that has the latest there is to offer. They will be ready for their future. Businesses will continue to stay and join Marion County Industry. The state will match our nickel doubling our money. Life in Marion County will prosper.   Yet, if the nickel doesn't pass there will also be consequences. We won't have an extra tax. We will save $50.00 to every $100,000 dollars of taxable property. That will be just enough money to go out and eat or fill up a tank of gas. In fact, the average household would only save 3-4 dollars a month. That's right. Also, the state won't match our money. However, the state will continue to support those counties that are passing the nickel. Where does the state get its' money? You guessed it; from the taxpayers that live in Kentucky. This will raise our taxes anyway, yet Marion County students won't benefit. The cost of building supplies will continue to rise. We will continue to use our buildings, over crowded, and under prepared to educate the very citizens that are tomorrow's leaders. Sure, it's a big decision. While I don't have all the answers I do have a lot of questions. Are we going to sacrifice for the future? Will we find that as a community we must continue to grow and change? Will we do what is right for people that don't have a voice? Have you asked a student of Marion County what they deserve? Will we all be able to just give a little? We will soon find out the answers to these questions. Will we be able to live with the consequences? Editor's note: Sara Brady is a second and third grade teacher at Calvary Elementary School.