Man to be sentenced for murder of Marion County native

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Michael St. Clair was convicted of the 1991 kidnapping and murder of Frank Brady

By The Staff

The legal proceedings to hold the sentencing phase for a convicted killer will be held for a third time in Bullitt County.

Michael St. Clair, who was convicted of the 1991 kidnapping and murder of Marion County native Frank Brady, will stand trial once again in Bullitt Circuit Court.

Beginning on April 13, the jury members will not be deciding upon the guilt or innocence of St. Clair; they will be looking at what type of penalty the Oklahoma resident should serve.

Under heavy security, a bearded St. Clair walked into the courtroom before special judge Geoffrey Morris     on Thursday.

Morris overruled a motion by the public defender's office to stop any further court proceedings until all matters were completed through the state Supreme Court.

In April, the local jury will hear primarily the same information from the prosecution as was presented in 2005, the last time a panel sentenced St. Clair to the death penalty.

Due to errors in the instructions to jurors, the sentencing phase was overturned and ordered to be conducted once again.

The only request from assistant prosecutor Dana Todd was that if any mental illness issue is going to be used as a defense, she needed to know as soon as possible. Morris agreed.

St. Clair made a statement asking Morris to dismiss the charges because prosecutor Todd Lewis was acting as the judge and jury. He said during his confinement, he was improperly sent to a state correctional facility without any final judgment.

Morris said that was not an issue he could become involved with or have any control over.

"I'm not going to dismiss this case," said Morris.

St. Clair was convicted of killing Brady off Old Boston Road after he and Michael Reese stole the Bardstown man's truck in Hardin County.

A trial in Hardin County is still pending over the theft of the vehicle and the burning of the truck. Another pre-trial is set for April 18.

St. Clair is already serving life sentences in Oklahoma, where he and Reese escaped.

During his confinement in Kentucky, St. Clair has proclaimed previously that the state has spent over $5 million on him.

After an April 6 pre-trial conference in Shepherdsville, St. Clair would be detained in the Bullitt County Detention Center until the trial date.