Marion County Coroner candidate:Chuck Helm

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By The Staff

Chuck Helm

Address: 140 Hazy Downs Road, Raywick, KY 40060   Date of birth: 7-16-60   Family information: Married to Trina Mattingly Helm Stepdaughter: Morgan Brooke Lee Stepdaughter: Ann Rochelle Lee   Educational background: 1978 Graduate of Adair County High School   Work history: Currently employed by Hodgenville Machine and Tool and Kentucky Community and Technical College, State Fire Rescue Training Program.   Community activities (clubs, organizations, church, etc.):  Volunteer Fire Chief of the Raywick Fire Department, Board of Director for the Dixie Firefighter Association, President of the Post 15 Kentucky State Police Citizens Police Academy Alumni, Lifetime Member NRA, Member Lincoln Trail Area Development District Citizens Corp Council, Member Kentucky Firefighters Association, Member Kentucky Association of Fire Chiefs   Campaign email:  candttech@windstream.net   1. Why are you running for coroner?  To improve the quality of service offered by this position, and ensure that everyone receives the highest level of service that are required by this office.   2. What are your qualifications to serve as coroner? What knowledge and experiences have prepared you for this position?  I have been involved in emergency services for 32 years, served 24 years as an Emergency Medical Technician, I held various leadership positions in all aspect of emergency services, I am currently certified as firefighter 1 and firefighter 2 by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) an International Certification, currently certified as a level 2 Instructor for the Kentucky Fire Commission, and teach for the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.   3. If elected, what will be your priorities in office?  To increase the response time when the coroners office is called and provide the most efficient and accurate cause of death determination and investigation. To show compassion, concern and care to the family of a deceased person.   4. What are the most important issues facing the county coroner? How will you address those issues if you are elected?  Training and funding are the number one issue facing many county coroner. A newly elected county coroner must take a minimum requirement, training course and then take a small amount of training annually. Because of the lack of funding for the coroners office, many coroners only take the basic required training thus never improving the quality and efficiency of services that they provide. I will take and continue to take all levels of training and become certified in all areas of death investigation offered by the Department of Criminal Justice Training therefore improving the quality of services offered ob this office.   5. If elected, what changes or improvements would you make? What would you keep the same? First and most important the coroner's office will be an independent office and not associated or run out of a funeral home. Many times the coroner is a funeral director. A coroner and a funeral director are not the same, this association many time influences the decisions of family members of a deceased person.  The coroner must determine the cause of death before a decease person is taken to a funeral home.    6. What else would you like voters to know about you? My entire life has been devoted to community service. If elected as Marion County Coroner I will serve the citizens of Marion County with dignity and respect.