Moffitt shares Women’s Ministry Program talk

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Here is a copy of the talk that I wrote for our Women’s Ministry Program at our church that I would like to share.
We started our Women’s Ministry Program at church with our theme being “Spring Cleanup For Heart and Soul”, Psalms 51:10.
We know in order to help others we have to start this cleanup, beginning with ourselves.
The first thing I am going to do is ask God for guidance.
Two other things that I ask of Him, to help me watch my attitude and to please help me from being judgmental in a negative way. Say, for instance, if we run into a situation where someone is talking down about someone or is out to get him or her. To me this sometimes shows signs of insecurity. This person could really be crying out for help! Most of their time is spent on how to get even or they pray that God will let them live long enough to see this person get what’s coming to them. We often forget God said, “Vengeance is His.” God will take care of it. Remember all that followed Jesus were sinners, but that didn’t stop Him from teaching them and He did this by being an example. He didn’t act like he was better than they were and He didn’t act like He knew more than they knew. He ministered to these men and they wanted to follow Him. Some even wanted to be like Him. Jesus must have been: understanding, patient, positive, had a wonderful attitude, caring loving and a pleasant personality. Jesus was like salt, he added flavor.
We are like salt. We want people to add flavor. When reaching out to people we can’t be judgmental.
Read Exodus 20:16. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” While we are judging them, God is judging us.
Galatians 6:4 say “Let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone and not in another.”
You’re happy at what you have done or accomplished because you know with God’s help you did it. So if we start with ourselves we will be glad to show others the goodness of Jesus. We know “With God, all things are possible,” Matthew 19:26.
Some of us hesitate to talk to family and friends about God because we are afraid of their reactions. So what! Look them in the eye and be truthful. Use your Bible! Say to yourself, “They knew me years ago. They know me now but only God know what’s in my future.” And that starts tomorrow, the next hour or the next minute.
Admitting that God know best is the beginning of learning how to clean our bodies and souls and getting us closer to God and His Son Jesus Christ.
God says, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” We need help in cleaning up our doubts. We don’t trust each other enough to make friends. Now we have to search within ourselves and see if we have any room in our hearts to be a friend. When we turn to God, through His Son Jesus Christ, our life, the window to our souls, becomes brighter. We begin to see what a friend we have in Jesus. John 15:13 read, “He lay down His life for His friends.”
This cleaning we have to do means doing this together, learning how to give and receive love. If we start by loving and sharing this could happen both on the inside and outside.
Roman 8:28 reads, “Remember, all things work together for good.”
When we have a little talk with Jesus and everything calms down, we feel He heard our cry. It’s like taking a nice bath to cleanse our bodies. When you get out and dry yourself off, you’re nice and clean on the outside. This little talk with Jesus, or praying, makes you feel nice and clean on the inside. Fasting and praying both remove something from within us to make the body and soul feel good. The book of Lamentation shows us where God doesn’t want to destroy us. He gives us time to repent.
So. Let’s pray to God to help us get ourselves clean so we can help others learn. Asking God to help us clean up our lives to help others can also work for them as it is working for us. He loves us all the same.
In this ministry there is no competition, no personal recognition.
We’re in this together. We pray in Jesus name for this.
Remember, it’s not me, it’s US.
Don’t pull each other down. Build each other up.
Your conscience may stop at some stage of your life, BUT your name lingers on long after you’re gone.
We should all strive to leave a legacy attached to our name that tells the world we were a child of God, working in his vineyard, for the good of ALL mankind.
Let’s all work to clean up our minds and spiritual ministry to insure that not only Lebanon First Baptist Church, the community of Marion County, our family members and friends, but EVERYONE we come in contact with will see that we are living the spiritual life we talk about on a daily basis.
Jerad Evans, deacon, First Baptist Church, contributed the final thoughts of this article.